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Game Structure
The USS Orca is a text-based Role Playing Game. Play is governed by a Game Master (GM). Individual game characters are "played" by the game players. The GM creates the game objectives and problems that exist inside the game. Character actions written by the players move the game toward its objective while solving the puzzles or problems.

This style of gaming allows the players to be creative and gives their characters a realistic and life-like existence. It also promotes an enjoyable gaming atmosphere and presents an interesting story about the life and times of the characters.

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Game Lineage
The Orca game began in 1984 as part of "Star Fleet Headquarters", a non-profit fan organization based in Grayslake, IL. In 1992, with the emergence of computer on-line services, I decided to run the game on the Prodigy service. The game later moved to GEnie, where it remained until early in 1994. At that point, time pressures forced me to put the Orca into moth balls.

In 1996 my closest friend asked if she could start the game again. Her timing was perfect since I needed to do something in the evening hours besides work. My friend is now the Game Master, and the game is conducted using e-mail in order to attract a broader player base.

Your beloved HBIC
Admiral Acara

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Primary Mission

Mission Overview:

The game takes place during a time some forty years after the discovery of the stable wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant. In other words, the time is future history of Star Trek Deep Space 9. If you check the Timeline, you will notice that two major wars have occurred in the recent past. The era is dark, militaristic, and sometimes just plain evil.

Given this situation, Star Fleet Headquarters has set its primary mission as maintaining the security of the Stellar Alliance. Considering the recent losses suffered by all parties and the ever present threat of further aggression, this is a logical response. Exploration has taken a back seat, but has not been totally forgotten. One third of the Seventh Fleet is responsible for exploration, while the remainder of that fleet patrols the borders of adjoining uncharted regions.

The Sixth Fleet, to which the Orca is assigned, is the main battle fleet. The USS ALLIANCE carries the flag of the Supreme Commander and is designated as the Flagship of the Alliance. It also serves as the Command Vessel for the Sixth Fleet. (If you think the ORCA has too much brass on board, you should try serving aboard the ALLIANCE.)

Starbase Seven is the home port of the Sixth Fleet, and also serves as the base for Security Operations. The Chief of Security for SFHQ Region 2 is based there and the USS RAMPAGE carries that officer's flag. The USS ORCA carries the flag of the Chief of Security SFHQ Region 1, and is that officer's primary station. The ORCA makes frequent stops at Starbase Seven for both resupply and consultation with Region 2 Security.

The ORCA also makes regular visits to the planet Endor. The area around Endor is considered to be one of the few remaining secure sectors in the Quadrant. This is due to the elaborate sensor web that surrounds the system, the continual presence of the USS YORKTOWN, and the existence of the Narwana Nebula. The nebula is a natural deflector of spy sensors. This combination of Alliance technology with a natural obstacle makes Endor an ideal location for developing and testing new technologies.

The ORCA's Mission:

The ORCA undertakes all types of missions, including intelligence gathering, POW/Hostage recovery, peace keeping, and transportation of high risk prisoners. The theatre is not limited - Alliance borders are crossed on almost every mission.

Since the ORCA is the only Heavy Weapons Cruiser/Security Class vessel in the fleet, it often serves as the main test bed for new weapons systems in addition to its normal duties. Obviously, these types of missions are somewhat of a mixed blessing. Testing strange new weapons is risky business, but at least the ship is always heavily armed.

The ORCA's Crew Compliment reflects its unique role. Special Forces, Security and Pilot ratings are found in abundance, while the Science Sections are somewhat understaffed as compared to a "normal" Alliance vessel.

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Player Enrollment

Experience a Game of a Lifetime - Apply now!

Due to occasional voilent content and adult language we request applicants be at least 18 yrs old.
By the Movie Industry Standards this game is rated "R"

Currently seeking players with a willingness to have fun and enjoy the never ending adventures of the Mighty Orca. Previous text roll playing experience not required but a plus. Please be sure to review the Game Structure for a brief overview of how the game is played. See Primary Mission for a detailed description of the USS ORCA and it's purpose, explained by it's creator.

Follow the instructions below to summit an application to join:

Complete the Player Application Online form.

Download the character generation form or use the online generation form to generate a character. NOTE: A completed character generation must be received 1(one) week following the submitting of the player application to be considered for play.

If Downloading the form return completed Character generation via Email to Apply. Place "Player Application" in subject.

Current Open Positions.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified.

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